Denver Bathroom Plumbing Tips

Tubs and showers should be fitted with a strainer that catches hair and soap chips. Clean the strainer regularly.

To remove unsightly mineral deposits on your showerhead, put one cup of vinegar in a plastic bag and place it over the showerhead. Hold it in place with a twist tie and let stand overnight. In the morning, remove the bag and the mineral deposits should come off by wiping with a damp cloth.

Better yet, to eliminate mineral deposits altogether on your fixtures, shower doors and tile, consider a properly designed water treatment system to soften you water. Your plumbing professional will be happy to test your water and guide you to the ideal solution. (note: your skin, your hair, your clothes and your taste buds will love it too!)

Do not use your toilet as a wastebasket. Do not flush items that can be placed in a trash container.

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