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Save Big Bucks with Water Heater Maintenance 

One of my top goals as owner of AAA Service is to never stop learning.  I’m really lucky to work with so many smart people willing to share their experience with me. Just recently I learned how regular water heater maintenance can help our customers save big bucks over time.

One of our technicians told me he went to a home for a scheduled tune and flush on a 15-year-old water heater. Because the average life of a water heater is 8-10 years, he figured this one would need to be replaced soon. But when he inserted the camera to check the water heater’s interior, he was surprised to see the tank was in pristine condition and the anode rods were just like new. The customer told him that he’d been draining the water heater every month for 15 years to remove sediment and mineral deposits.

I shared this story with my dad and he said homeowners can save hundreds or thousands of dollars by flushing their hot water heaters even once a year. The savings comes from extending the life of the water heater and from helping the water heater operate more efficiently.

He explained that our conscientious customer won’t have to have his water heater replaced for many years, saving the cost of buying and installing two water heaters during that same amount of time. He also won’t have to deal with repairs, waiting on inspections or the possibility of having to bring his entire water heating system up to new safety standards.

Dad also mentioned that most people don’t realize that heating water accounts for about 20% of their utility bills, so regular water heater maintenance means extra savings every single month. 

Thanks again, Dad!

We can perform regular water heater maintenance that will save you energy and extend the life of your water heater.

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