Furnace tune-up helps avoid the cold shoulder

Every family has a bedtime routine and for Jessica and her husband John it was a way to get the children settled before turning in. There were baths to take, stories to read and goodnight kisses to give. John would then turn down the thermostat before heading to bed.

In the morning, it was Jessica’s job to turn up the thermostat, start the coffee and wake the kids. One frosty November day, Jessica turned the thermostat up and nothing happened. There was no familiar hum of the furnace starting up. There was no sound of the fan kicking on. There was no heat.

It got very chilly in the kitchen and not just because the furnace was dead. Jessica shot a cold-as-ice glance at John as he admitted putting off furnace maintenance to save money.

Is your furnace ready for winter? 

Most people wouldn’t think of taking a long car trip without having their mechanic perform important auto maintenance like changing the air filter, checking fluid levels and inspecting the drive belt. It’s the smart thing to do.

But every year, area homeowners—like John—go into the cold-weather months without giving their heating systems a second thought.

Your furnace may be out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of mind. A little preventive maintenance performed now will keep it working at its peak efficiency throughout the cold weather months.

A $79 tune up is a good investment 

AAA Service Plumbing, Heating and Electric’s high-performance furnace tune-up is the best way to assure your furnace is operating safely and efficiently. Our annual furnace tune-up can help…

Reduce furnace breakdowns by as much as 95%. 

Our service technicians perform a tune-up and check the furnace for parts that may be worn or cracked. Replacing parts during a tune-up ensures the furnace is functioning properly and reduces the need for emergency service and expensive repairs.

Extend the life of the equipment. 

A typical natural gas heating system should last about 25 years, but many homeowners need to replace theirs in half that time because of a lack of proper maintenance. A furnace tune-up can save thousands of dollars by delaying a major home investment.

Save money by reducing heating costs. 

When your furnace uses less fuel, you can save up to 30% on utility bills during the winter. This means a furnace tune-up can pay for itself over one season.

Reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

An important part of the furnace is the heat exchanger which can develop cracks that allow natural gas to seep into the circulating air. Cracks like these can be spotted during the tune-up or problems detected during a carbon monoxide test.

Tune-up checklist 

During our high-performance heating system tune-up, our technicians look for energy loss and measure efficiency of the furnace using the following checklist:

  • Inspect the heater and vent pipe
  • Check for ignition or flame failure
  • Check the motor and fan bearings
  • Check burners and controls
  • Check safety controls
  • Check thermostat
  • Replace the filter

In addition, we may be able to suggest efficiency modifications to help generate more heat with less energy to save even more fuel. Modifications might include reducing the gas orifice size or replacing the gas pilot light with an electronic spark ignition.

We take these extra steps to ensure your comfort and safety for only $79. Schedule your furnace tune-up today 

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